Cronicile Ultimei Revoluţii

Chronicles of the last revolution novel by Antonie Casas Ros.

“In a not too distant future a group of young people commit suicide by jumping from high buildings. They are “Flying Freedom”, a group of anarchist militants led by the mysterious “Y”. It all begins with the history of Lupa, a chronicler who must tell her story on the evening of Freedom Flying. The chroniclers are underground reporters who risk their lives to help the revolution end the corruption and perversity of the dominant system. Their testimonies and the stories of those who gravitate around them intermingle, showing us a world that is about to crumble. Strange events take place and a devastating phenomenon seems to materialize. The story is told through the voices of different narrators, ending up as a hallucinatory tale in which drugs and sex go beyond convention and beyond us into a dark underworld ruled by rules beyond our logic, where “the last revolution” will take place.”