Across Borders—Barcelona Design Week 2020

Across Borders is a global, collaborative and cross-cultural event directed by Mayúscula that believes in design as a tool to break boundaries and create a positive impact on society. In a world where 272 million people live outside their countries of origin, Across Borders cross-cultural iniciative reclaims our cultural identity, diversity and multiplicity of points of view, deepening our differences and similarities through design. We believe in borders as meeting points, not barriers; crossroads where we can all meet to imagine a better journey.

Naïma Ben Ayed & Bianca Dumitrascu
Conexiune – connection – ِصلَة

I believe in love, not in romantic love but in the ability of people to connect. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

ِصلَة i​n Arabic means connection, link. ​The letterforms are inspired by the maghrebi style which is typical of the Maghreb region. In maghrebi manuscripts you can see some part of the letters such as the eye of sad [ص] written with an extended width for the text layout.

Conexiune means connection in Romanian. The letterforms are inspired by the Romanian Archaic — a transitional alphabet created to replace the Romanian Cyrillic with latin characters (1840).