Hope for Bucharest — MuralTypeThursday Bucharest x Street Delivery

Hope for Bucharest aims to remind passers-by that Bucharest hides many beautiful spaces, and that we can find hope anywhere, if we choose to see it.

Together with TypeThursday Bucharest, Street DeliverySavana, and Urban Monkey, we rehabilitated a place loved by many locals. Degraded by time, vandalism and fire, a dark pedestrian space transformed into a parking lot, located in front of the Palace Hall, on Ion Câmpineanu Street, went through two days of intense sanitation and cleaning, in order to be prepared for a refurbishment. After another three days of work and dedication, it has become a bright, colorful place that every passer-by can enjoy.

Photos by Cătălin Georgescu & Cristian Vasile

TypeThursday Bucharest team: Bianca Dumitrașcu, Artemisa Pascu, Andrei Grosu, Dragos Botcau, Alexandru Nastase, Aurel Trifu.
Friends: Andrei Turenici, Laura Ristea, Alin Tămășan, Razvan Ghilencea, Manu Drosu, Anca Cocioartă, Alice Stoicescu.
New Friends: Diana Aldea, Raluca, Ioana Clenciu, Corina Schmidt. Ana-Miruna Mihai, Indera Mardare, Sofi.
Parteners: Street Delivery, Urban Monkey, Savana.
Special thanks: Dona Tescovschi, Cristian Neagoe, Dragoș Mazo, Timea Honț, Alexandru Gâlmeanu, Cătălin Georgescu, Cristian Vasile, Mihnea Ratte.